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x-press ace ironing board

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Foldable Ironing Board

  • Large Foldable Ironing Board with Aluminised Ironing Surface (Silver)
  • Energy efficient Ironing Board, height adjustment and multi purpose clothes tray
  • Stepless height adjustment, from 6 inches above floor to full height of 3.5 feet
  • Large Multi function tray for ironed clothes
  • Convenient lron Stand, with nickel chromium plating and special silicone rubber
  • Wire manager to ensure the cable does not get entangle.
  • Aluminised cloth cover absorbs and reflects heat, Partially ironing back of the cloth which saves upto 40 percent time & electricity.
  • Dimension: 143x42x10cm, Weight: 9.0kg

If you are looking for an all weather proof energy efficient ironing board that would come in handy in more ways than one, It is convenient ironing stand endowed with nickel chromium plating and special silicone rubber that not only look class apart but is highly functional as well. With a host of unique features that would great aid you in the process of ironing, it is totally safe and intelligently designed.The Xpress Ace Iron table is equipped with stepless height adjustment facility that allows you to play with the height (from 6 inche above the floor to a fully height of 3.5 feet) and adjusted it as per your convenience. Besides, the Large Multi function tray lets you keep the clothes after ironing and prevent them from getting creased. In addition to this, the wire manager ensure the cable does not get entangle while you press the cloths.And that is not all. Aluminisedd cloth cover goes a long way in absorbing and reflecting heat, and partially ironing back of the cloth which in turn save up to 40 percent of time and electricity.