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Luxury Dry

Stainless Steel Celing Cloth Drying Hanger

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  • Enhance beauty of your house by not having to dry clothes outside.
  • Gain privacy by drying indoors.
  • Free yourself from dependence on weather.
  • Save space in homes with limited drying space.
  • Looks tidy , Elegant and represents a decor product.
  • Its stylish and strong with drying space - feet to 48 feet.
  • Built to last by usage of steel and stainless steel.

Perfect for

  • Balconies,
  • Laundry Rooms,
  • Over Bathtubs,
  • Closet Areas,
  • Store Rooms,
  • Corridors / Pathways,
  • Terrace wall sides,
  • House Backyards.

Feet Pipes Width Price
4 Feet 6 Pipes 24" 2950
5 Feet 6 Pipes 24" 3300
6 Feet 6 Pipes 24" 3950
7 Feet 6 Pipes 24" 4500
8 Feet 6 Pipes 24" 5150

Product Description

Give an enhance look to your Home! by buying the best Ceiling Cloth Drying Hanger Which use Minimum SPACE Maximum CLOTHES can be dried.

Are you still drying your clothes in traditional way?

Generally, in the conventional methodology, people use ropes to dry clothes, the rope that's tied between two walls is permanent and can never be fully tightened to avoid sagging. Mehek Marketing Services have a permanent solution to dry plenty of washed clothes even in congested flats easily with the effortless operation, The Aluminum pipes & stainless steel pipes used for making the products helps prevent rusting or oxidation while providing sound strength and durability.

Made of stainless steel pipes and Aluminum Pipes with each individual stainless steel pipe and Aluminum Pipes attached to a pulley for facilitating smooth ascension/dissention, using high grade nylon rope, the Hangar products are eco friendly, occupy less space, easy to operates, zero maintenance and can be hanged separately as needed, making them convenient for hanging clothes in spaces like Passages, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Balconies, Laundry Rooms, Over Bathtubs, Closet Areas, Store rooms, Corridors / Pathways, Terrace Wall Sides, House Backyards etc. Available in Different Length Like 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, and 8feet.

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Dry Cloth Faster as the temperature is high at the ceiling. Cloth Drying Hangers holds Full Load of Laundry can hold up to 10 to 15 kg per pipe good weight bearing capacity.
Cloth Drying Hangers is made up to 6 pipe which can be lowered individually to hand clothes and then can be mounted to the ceiling effortlessly and ( Effortless Operation for all ages )
Cloth Drying Hangers is Easy and Convenient Way to dry washed Clothes in a Systematic and Customized way in your balcony, utility, bedroom and bathroom without Obstructing Passage and Ventilation with an elegant look.
Dry Naturally – Saving Electricity.
Cloth Drying Hangers the Number of pipes and size of pipes can be customized as per customer need.
Cloth Drying Hangers Gain Privacy Cloth Indoor (Undergarments and Lingerie’s )
Cloth Drying Hangers Uses minimum Place to dry Maximum clothes many Number of Clothes can be dried at one Stretch.
Cloth Drying Hangers can be easily shifted to any place and can be carried a or Transported to anywhere.