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Wall Mounting Cloth Dryer 6 Feet 5 Pipes Stainless Steel.

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Features :

    Heavy stainless steel rust proof wall mounted brackets which gives high load bearing capacity.Have less moving parts as compared to other wall mounted cloth dryer which leads to long life. Easy to fold just pull it up to fold. Takes no Floor space and also after folding its depth is only 2 inches from the wall.

    Material: Stainless Steel, Colour: Silver Features : Drying Space: 30 Feet, Length: 6 Feet 5 Pipes Stainless Steel. Available in different sizes according to your space.

    Glider Wall Cloth Dryer Stainless Steel Comes in a

    Feet Pipes Width Price
    3 Feet 5 Pipes 22.5" 2750
    4 Feet 5 Pipes 22.5" 2950
    5 Feet 5 Pipes 22.5" 3150
    6 Feet 5 Pipes 22.5" 3350

    A Perfect Addition to Compact Spaces This stainless-steel wall cloth dryer is a good option for drying your clothes indoors.
    Pipe Design
    This amazing wall mounting cloth dryer comes in a 5 pipes design. All the pipes are arranged and installed with enough space to allow proper air supply. The clothes will dry quickly without any wrinkles due to the spacious drying option provided by the dryer.
    Stainless Steel Material
    This durable cloth dryer is constructed using stainless steel material. Therefore, this is not just long lasting, but also very stylish in its look and design. The high-grade material used provides higher tensile strength.
    Steel Square Pipes
    As the pipes are fixed into square steel pipes from both the ends, this helps in providing additional strength to the whole product. Hence, you can be rest assured that the pipes will be able to hold heavy clothes.
    Safety Plastic Boots
    This cloth dryer model also comes with the safety plastic boots. Therefore, it avoids any type of damages to the clothes when you are drying. It also protects the users from the sharp edges of the pipes.
    Silver Color
    This cloth dryer comes in silver color. It can easily blend in with almost all kind of balconies. The cloth dryer can also be used indoor. The shiny finish of the dryer gives it a classy look.
    Rust Resistant
    This cloth dryer model is rust and corrosion resistant as it is made up of high-grade stainless-steel material.